Why Hepeca Logistics?

65,000 sqft Facility for Northbound Shipments.
30,000 sqft Facility for Southbound Shipments.
Loading / Unloading dock for 20+ Trailers.
Parking Yard for 70+ parked Trailers.
2,000 sqft Facility for Haz-Mat storage.
Sprinkler system on both buildings.
Burglar Alarm and CCTV system for additional Security
(42 Cameras).
12 Forklift Trucks.
Forklift attachments for Fabric Rolls and Drums.
Certified Digital Scale, Wrapping Machine and
Conveyor Equipment.
Racking System for optimized space management.
CTPAT Certified Customs Broker.
WMS proprietary Software. – EDI Capabilities.
Online Reports for Brokerage and DC Operations.
Thermal Printing room with 5 printers.
Experience to Ship to most major Retailers.
1 Mexican Broker + 2 US Broker Licencees.
23 Years of Experience.